The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Fall 2008
Directed by Donnie Norlen
Assisted by Angel Williams
Produced by Willow Joseph

The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe cast photograph


In the Gresham Outlook: ‘Wardrobe’ comes alive at Corbett High

Cast of Characters

The Pevensie Children
Trey S. Peter
Drew W. Older Peter
Kelsey T. Susan
Laurel B. Older Susan
C.J. C. Edmund
Andrew S. Older Edmund
Hannah G. Lucy
Emily O. Older Lucy
The King and Forest Animals
Josiah G. Aslan
Timmy M. Mr. Beaver
Daryen P. Mrs. Beaver
Andrew N. Tumnus the Faun
McKenna P. Unicorn
Thomas T. Centaur
Joe S. Skunk
Claire H. Rabbit
Isaiah J. Bear Cub
Emily H. Tiger Cub
Jakob M. Fox
Xaria D. Squirrel
Jessica W. White Stag
Rowan G. Blue Bird
Cheyenne B. Aslans Fairy
Dana E. Aslans Fairy
White Witch and Evil Army
Makenzie L. Queen Jadis
Benjamin J. Dwarf
CC W. Captain Fenris Ulf
Katie S. Wolf Soldier
Michelle C. Wolf Soldier
Peri H. Imp
Meranda H. Ghost
Christianna W. Toad
Hannah H. Crow
Josiah T. Centaur
Bethany M. Bog Witch
Bianca S. Black Panther
Visitors to the Forest
Josh J. Father Christmas
Stacey P. Elf
Leila G. Wood Nymph
Alyssa A. Wood Nymph
Kali A. Wood Nymph
Miranda W. Genii
Vanessa V. Cardinal

The Crew

Stage Manager Jenny L.
Runners Stephanie J., Clara G.
Crew Hailey M., Jamie L.,
Drew W., Katy K.,
Christopher J.
House Manager Katy K.
Set & Light Design Lead William Crawford
Lights/Sound Manager David Williams
Lights/Sound Crew Andrew E., Jacy C.
Prop Lead Rebecca Gandy
Costume Lead Angel Williams
Costume Assistant Sarah B.
Hair Lead Kathy Johnson
Make-Up Lead Angel Williams, Katherine Zieman,
Jennie S.
Box Office Leota Pulliam
Publicity Karen Hawley, Shauna Signorini
Choreography Jessica W., Andrew N.
Stage Combat CC W., Matt Dotson