Winter 2009

Directed by Katherine Zieman
Assistant Director: Gail Lehrman
Producers: Jenn Boom & Stacey Rogers

Annie cast photograph


‘Annie’ to lift your Depression

Leila G. Annie
Emily R. Molly
Stacy P. Pepper
Claire H. Tessie
Sascha F. July
Madison D. Kate
Miranda W. Duffy
Orphan Ensemble
MacKenna R.
Emily H.
Jane H.
Rowan G.
Vanessa V.
Orphan Chorus
Sequoia B.
Clare B.
Hannah G.
Clare D.
Cami H.
Ruby E.
Claira C.
Brittany P.
Emma S.
Ahnala W.
Jenny L. Miss Hannigan
Will H. Rooster
McKenna P. Lily St. Regis
Oliver Warbucks Staff
Tim C. Oliver Warbucks
Jessica W. Grace Farrell
Josiah G. Drake
Sarah B. Annette
Megan M. Cecille
Clara G. Mrs. Greer
Jamie L. Mrs. Pugh
Warbucks Staff Ensemble
Andrew N.
Timmy M.
Taylor B.
Christianna W.
Hannah Joy M.
Trey S.
Oxydent Radio Hour
Andrew N. Bert Healy
Taylor B. Bonnie
Hannah Joy M. Connie
Christianna W. Ronnie)
Timmy M. Fred McCracken
Joe S. Wacky
Miles T. & Amoreena T. Sound Effects Men
Zach T. Jimmy Johnson
New York Personalities
Jessie K. Usherette
Taylor B. Star to Be
Michelle C. Apple Seller
Josiah G. Bundles McCloskey
Hannah H. & Katie Shonk Dog Catchers
Timmy M. Lt. Ward
Hooverville Denizens
Amoreena T. Sophie the Kettle
Josiah G. Fred
Andrew N. Ira
Peri H. Mary
Delanie G. Peggy
Trey S. Eddie
CJ C. Artie
Clara G. Jane
Hooverville Ensemble
Michelle C.
Amanda H.
Peri H.
Clara G.
Jamie L.
Jessie K.
Miles T.
Joe S.
Zach T.
FDR’s Cabinet
Timmy M. FDR
Delanie G. Louise Howe
Trey S. Harold Ickes
CJ C. Henry Morgenthau
Andrew N. Cordell Hull
Katy K. Francis Perkins
Hannah H. Color Guard
Amoreena T.
Jessie K.
Michelle C.
Tech. Support
Becca S. Stage Manager
Jacy C. Lights
Andrew E. Sound
Katie S. Runner
Kelsey T.
Stephanie S.
Jacob B.

Costume Coordinator: Nadine Dody
Orphan Costumes: Karen Hawley & Sharon Hocking
Musical Director: Lynette Kerslake
Vocal Coach: Jodi Beckman
Props Manager: Rebecca Gandy
Set Coordinator: Carmel Madsen
Set Crew: Ben Edwards, Tad Winters & Margaret Winters
Additional Set Painter: James Ritchie
Choreographers: Jenny Layton & Andrew Norlen
Technical Coordinator: Tad Winters
Spot Light: Rick Hawley
Hair Stylists: Juniper Martin & Sharon Hocking
Make-up: Angel Williams, Jill Edwards & Katherine Zieman
Graphics: Karen Hawley
Publicity: Sharon Hocking
Dog Handler: Rowan G.
Orphan Wrangling: Lots of Wonderful Parents
Concessions Coordinator: Becky Brandt
Cast Boards: Carolyn Shonk

Special Thanks: Mia Frama Framing, Trout Creek Bible Camp & Silk Espresso