Earthquake Relief for Haiti

When the news of the earthquake in Haiti hit, Corbett Children’s Theater’s production of Godspell was well underway. The news was devastating as we all learned of the tragedy. It left the cast and crew wondering, “What can we do to help?”

Initially, the cast took a collection among themselves to donate, but wondered if they could do more. Talk of doing a special benefit performance emerged among the cast.

A short time later, we found out that Mr. Killgore, the Corbett High School band and choir instructor, had a brother-in-law and sister working in Haiti. The decision was made to collect money at all Godspell performances and to do a special benefit performance on Valentine’s Day with all those proceeds going to help the people of Haiti.

We want to thank Bruce and Cindy McMartin for their work in Haiti and we were happy to present them with a check for $1,520.85.

We heard from Bruce and Cindy McMartin

Start of letter from Bruce and Cindy McMartin
End of letter from Bruce and Cindy McMartin