Volunteer – Make a difference at CCT!

If you have time and skills (or a desire to learn) we can use you-adult or student!
Adults working with the kids must pass CCT’s background check and wear CCT issued nametag.

Volunteer to help with a production
Each actor’s family is required to volunteer

  • 10 hours during the production time and 2 hours for the post production strike

  • Costume Crew – shopping for costumes, sewing, gluing, laundering
  • Set Crew – design, build, paint, strike
  • House Crew – usher, box office, concessions
  • Tech Crew – sound and light
  • Music Crew – band and vocal coaches
  • Publicity

Volunteer for CCT:

  • Cleaning Crew – would your family consider adopting CCT for a month to help?
  • Organizing Crew – costume room, gym, tech equipment
  • Facility Crew – take a small load to the dump
  • Publicity & Marketing – regularly submit press releases
  • Hospitality Crew – supply bottled water on a regular basis, provide snacks for work parties and events
  • Board of Trustees – Each term is a 2 year position