Take the Stage with CCT's Introduction to Musical Theater Class

A friendly game of Peek-a-Boo

Don't wait in the wings any longer! Our Introduction to Musical Theater class is open to aspiring and experienced artists, ages 8 to 108! This class is the perfect place to take the stage for the first time, or dust off your character shoes and join the chorus line if you've taken a bit of a break.

The class includes a series of 7 evening rehearsals in late June and early July at our downtown Gresham location, where you will learn about improv, vocal projection, dance, stage presence, and much more!

This class is offered in partnership with Gresham Center for the Arts Foundation. Cost is $25, scholarships are available. Instructors include Liz Bertsch, Kathy Johnson, Tom Sherman, and Savanna Wagner-Zelinka.

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Sword Combat Class

Do you like swords? Want to learn how to be a swashbuckeling fencer?
Then this is for you!

Ultimate Battle Royale

Josh Johnson (fencing instructor) has done years of studying and performing stage combat and is currently a student at Swordguild Portland practicing Military Sabre with the Historical European Martian Arts (HEMA) academy. He will go through the basics of sword play in a way that is safe, fun and exciting. Cost for each 90 minute session is $15.

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