How do I learn about CCT opportunities?
Subscribe to the CCT Newsletter on this web site.
How can my child audition?
Auditions are held for each of our productions and are announced on the web site and via our newsletter. Kids come prepared with their own 60 second monologue and possibly a song.  Recently, we began conducting a 90 minute workshop several days before auditions, in which those who wish to audition must sign up for an audition time slot.  This is also a time when parents can get more information about the play or musical to be produced.
How can I get involved?
We love our volunteers. You may volunteer whether or not you have a child involved at CCT. Note: you must pass a background check to work with the kids.
Can I give CCT my stuff?
We do accept donations of jewelry, shoes and unusual clothes for costumes. We also are always looking for pieces of fabric, especially double knits that are larger than 2 yards long.  Please note that all donations become the property of CCT, unless it is specified as a loan for a specific production. We reserve the right to use it as we deem necessary including changing it into another item. Please do not donate your valuables, unless you are willing to lose all control as to how it will be used.
Can I help build sets?
Yes, we can use your skills.
Is Corbett Children’s Theater also “Corbett Children’s Theatre?”
Yes.  We also go by the name of CCT.
Does Corbett Children’s Theater have bylaws?
Yes.  Read the CCT Bylaws.