Corbett Children's Theater Origins

For many years CCT served as the defacto theatre arts program for the Corbett School district. Starting in June of 1998 in Susan Scott's backyard, CCT worked with the local school district to provide a fun and educational experience for the students of eastern Multnomah County in the performing arts.

Corbett Children's Theater started with a performance of Peter Pan practiced in Susan Scott's backyard during the summer and performed in the Corbett School District's Multi-purpose room that fall. Next was a performance of Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Nights Dream.

Within a couple years CCT was invited by the school district to use the Springdale School building as a storage and rehearsal space. From there it developed into a performance venue providing the families that make up CCT an opportunity to band together to restore the old school building. Unfortunately, this led to the discovery that the Springdale space was zoned so that it could only be used as a school and could not be a community use facility, as a result CCT was shuffled back up to use the Multi-purpose room where we had been for so long. However, the growth of the school district eventually meant they simply did not have the room to accommodate Corbett Children's Theater.

Since then we have found a temporary home on Stark Street in Troutdale, down the hill from Mount Hood Community College, but through it all the mission has remained the same:

We exist to serve, stretch, facilitate, and educate the youth of the area through the use of the theater arts.

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